Project Management

Project Management practice undertakes assignments that encompass a range of activities from civil engineering to building industry.
As Project Managers, we are actively involved at all stages of the development of any project integrating:-

Inception stage
This is the initial stage of the project.
At this stage, we identify the client’s objectives and build up the ideas together with him/her. It’s at this stage that the concept is identified

The Feasibility Stage
This is the planning stage after the concept has been agreed upon. In this stage, we zeal on the identified concept and analyze all the risks involved and the total costs incurred against the anticipated profits in order to determine the viability of the project.
It’s also at this stage we start sourcing for finances through financial organizations or Joint Ventures.

The Design Stage
We co-ordinate the design process and ensure that the set cost limits are not exceeded. We also make follow ups on approvals to ensure that approvals are acquired in a timely manner.

The Tender stage.
We participate in the co-ordination of the tender practice and procedure to ensure that a competent contract with good track record is awarded contract.Also, it’s at this stage that we control and oversee that fraudulent pracises, collusive pracises, corrupt practices or coercive practices and other practices of such nature are not practiced by the team of consultants to the disadvantage of the client/project. Such practices are very expensive to the client and could jeopardize the project.

The Post-Contract Administration stage
We monitor evaluate and, if necessary, review the development of the Project to ensure that schedules are adhered to and workmanship, specifications and quality are as specified.
At this stage, we engage marketing strategies in order to identify potential buyers in case the project is for sale e.g. apartment
The Completion and commissioning stage
We ensure that the project has been completed in accordance to the design and that workmanship has been fully adhered to. Incase of claims, we arbitrate to ensure that our client budget is not superseded

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