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  • We are able to deliver projects faster, more efficiently and more reliably than conventional project approaches.
    We are able to launch projects quickly and correctly thereby meeting your business needs promptly
    We offer the ability to efficiently aggregate a portfolio of projects of varying scope and size
    We offer a reliable, single and centralized depository for communication, archiving and storing ALL project information with proven reliability
    We offer a recognized, tested and proven method of predictably, reliably and consistently delivering ALL your projects


Average Completion times
12-24 months


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About us

CCM-Ltd is a registered company which has specialized in  project management for the last seven years with the aim of streamlining activities in construction, plus modernizing practices and methologies as exercised in construction in order

to give developers value for their money, as well as increase efficiency in execution of activities and at a minimum cost.

By involving Ccm-ltd in your project as the project managers, the developer stands a chance to enjoy, modern concepts, reduced expenses and also get exempted from the tiresome and complicated hassles that ordinary developers go through during such construction exercises.
Also, as project managers, we act as the central point of information flow where all activities are co-ordinate from and analyses/monitoring made, so that decision making is faster and easier hence achieving set goals on time.
As a result, obstacles are foreseen in advanced and remedies arrived at to avoid stallation of projects, or undergoing the painful exercise of demolition in order to rectify mistakes.

Another benefit is that through Ccm-ltd, the developer is able to save lots of money as a result of proper management and monitoring of project deliverables and consultants, as they execute their duties. This is an area where unless properly checked by an independent firm, a lot of losses could be made inform of corrupt practice, fraudulent practices, collusive practices and coercive practices which are very common in unmonitored contracts.

By involving Ccm-ltd in your project, you stand to enjoy proficient services that will make you get what you want in the shortest time and at minimum cost plus at the current market standard and rates hence ending up with a very modern and superior  structure and at a minimum cost.

Business Hours

Our Customer Hotline is
available 8 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Weekend: Closed

Call us:020 2105751

Our Office Location:

  • Office locations

    Nyayo Stadium - Aquatic

    Mombasa, road Nairobi. www.ccmeknya.com, info@ccmkenya.com


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 The Leading Agency in Innovative Construction Concepts and Management, we offer concepts and solutions to  a diverse clientele.

Managing quality projects in a timely and cost effective manner!

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